Santa Barbara Engagement


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"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" were basically the only words I could come up with when Erik completely surprised me last weekend with a beautiful engagement in Santa Barbara California. 

For months we had joked about how he could just "throw the ring at me and I would say yes" so this was a fun surprise. Both of us had hard work weeks and were planning on taking a little day trip to Santa Barbara to get out of LA. I honestly had no idea he had a plan in the works (if I did I would have at least gotten my nails done haha) We started the day in Solvang which is cute danish town about 40 min from Santa Barbara. I highly recommend breakfast at Paula's Pancake House. This place was unreal good.  Erik kept taking polaroids of me doing the most random things and I kept saying "stop wasting the film". Little did I know, he was documenting the most special day of my life. After breakfast we walked around Solvang. There was a vintage car show going on and we just strolled through rows of beautiful vintage cars taking ridiculous photos and just being silly. 

Shortly after, we headed to Santa Barbara where we walked down State Street, shopped, got ice cream at McConnell's Fine Ice Cream, and then headed to Carlitos  for margaritas. We basically just ate...all day. It was perfect and we needed to just do less. After convincing me to get that second pitcher Erik told me to cancel the dinner reservations I had made at The Lark because he didn't want us to be "tied down by reservation times". He also suggested that we should head to the Wharf for the sunset (Should have took the hint haha) We took a fun pedicab down to the beach and then walked towards the ocean.  Erik and I sat down in the sand to watch the beautiful sunset start. For those who don't know, my absolute favorite thing in the world is the ocean. Its my calm spot. Right as the sun was setting, Erik pulled out the poloroid one last time to take a selfie of us sitting in the sand. He took the photo and then turned back around to get what I thought was more film out of his bag. He started to take another selfie of us, but this time he had the ring RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  He snapped the photo of me seeing the ring for the first time then proceeded to say some really nice things that I don't remember because I was crying and laughing so much. I don't think I really said yes, because he had to ask me again where I actually said "YESS". Both of our phones were almost dead but he had saved 10% battery for me to call my parents, his brother, and some close friends. He then told me we had dinner reservations at The Four Seasons' beautiful ocean front restaurant. Bella Vista had champagne waiting for us as we watched the rest of the sunset. We ate (again) the most incredible dinner to cap off the most incredible engagement. I still can't believe he suprized me so well but I will treasure these moments forever.