El Matador Engagement Photoshoot

El Matador Engagement Photoshoot

5 Steps for a Stress-less Engagement Photo Session (Blog Below)


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What a whirlwind of a couple months this has been. I blinked and it's December. Does anyone else feel like this year just went by? I'm already starting to Christmas shop and that kind of scares me haha. Anyway.. I wanted to brag about our amazing engagement photo photographer, Kiana! She took the most incredible photos at our favorite spot in LA, El Matador Beach! Since Erik is a photographer/director I knew I had to find someone who could help capture the moment perfectly and Kiana did just that. We found that perfect golden light and created magical photo moments that I couldn't help but share. Finding the right photographer and location can be hard but check out my 5 steps below for creating a stressless engagement photo experience 

5 Steps for a Stressless Engagement Photo Session 

1. Find a great photographer

Easier said than done, right? Where would we be without Instagram haha. There are so many amazing photographers out there (I know..I'm marrying one) but you have to find someone who can both capture your style and work within your budget without compromising the art. I recommend reaching out to a few friends who can give you personal recommendations for photographers before stressing as you nervously scroll through Instagram. That being said, I actually did find Kiana through Instagram as she had done photos for one of my friends in LA. There isn't one right way to go about finding a photographer just make sure you respect them and their time. 

2. Location Scout

It's easier to go into a meeting with your photographer when you already know what you want. Do some digging to find a place that is meaningful and beautiful to both you and your love. Erik and I met at the Viper Room..not the best spot for engagement photos so we chose a place we have spent a lot of time together at. 

3. Find your "looks"

Is there an image on Pinterest that you love! Bring it with you on your shoot and have your photographer try and re-create it. Its fun to re-create looks with your own style. I sent several photos to Kiana before the shoot and we captured many of those images. Plus it gives you an excuse to go through Pinterest more :) 

4. Outfit Plan

So much of having a fun and stressless experience comes from planning. Don't wait until the last day to figure out what to wear. Erik and I both wanted to wear grey but we ended up looking we were at a business meeting. This lead to Erik taking off his suit jacket for some of these photos and taking a more "This is Us" approach to the shoot.

5. Celebrate afterwards

Did we need that extra glass of champagne and calamari at Moonshadows after the shoot? Absolutely. I've said it a million times, but celebrate small wins. Taking engagement photos is a heartwarming experience and I'm so excited to see one of these photos on our Save the Date card.