Boston Harbor Getaway

Boston Harbor Getaway


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Making more money than your friends

Having no money

Not getting a higher education

Being a workhorse

Wanting to go back to school

Having the opportunity to travel

Not having the opportunity to travel because of school, work, money, etc


Not knowing exactly what you want

Knowing exactly what you want

Wanting two things

Staying up late

Working out early

Eating nothing

Eating everything 

Feeling unsettled

Being strong

Not crying for a year

Crying three times during Secret Life of the Pets

(Thoughts on Summer 2016)


This is probably the first summer of my life I've been excited for. In college, the summers would fill me with dread. I never wanted my friends to go home or things to change. The 20's are hard. Growing up is hard. Being in a long distance relationship is hard. Fortunately, seeing each other requires planning (AKA more vacations!) Erik and I dubbed this "The Summer of Us" because since May we've only gone two weeks at a time without seeing each.  #dedication  

Right before we left for Erik's summer home, we decided to take a flight into Boston and explore the city for the weekend. Exploring the city + WHALE WATCHING. Ok- growing up in a land locked state, this was exciting for me. We spent 4+ hours sipping on sangria and watching for whale fins. Amidst the children running around the deck and slight nausea we spotted 8 whales! 

After whale watching we grabbed dinner at the most fantastic Italian restaurant at the North End.  (I've heard they are all pretty fantastic so that's positive) We had such a great time and I can't believe the summer is coming to a close. I'm looking forward to future summer adventures in 2017.