12th South Summer


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Soooo....what is up? Whats the 411? What has everybody been up to? What's the hot gossip? Tell me everything. What have you guys been listening to? What are the cool jams?

I'm backkkkkk. It's been a whirlwind of a summer. In the past couple of months Erik and I have gone to New York, Toronto, Boston, Lake Placid, Vermont, Los Angeles, and back to Nashville again. Stay tuned for a Boston post (I went whale watching and didn't throw up on the boat- so that's exciting!)  There is something about TN in summer that is so nostalgic though. I love walking around the 12th south area and remembering what it used to be. Never in my dreams would I expect that there would be shops, restaurants, and parks in an area that was formally not safe to be in at night. I mean, even Reese Witherspoon thinks it's cool. Exploring your own city is just as important as traveling to a new one. I am still discovering all that Nashville has to offer every single weekend. I LOVE local and I try to support this growing city everyday. If you know of any new local shops I should check out, comment below. I would love to see them. 

Erik and I had some time to kill before his fashion shoots the other day so we spent some time playing around with his camera. I still don't know how to pose for the camera or "loosen up" so Erik tries to make me laugh and spin around until I finally give him something that is usable. The only thing I learned from this style is that black socks DO NOT go with white converse. :P Live and learn!

xoxox and Happy Weekend!