Bellevue Spring

On Exploring (blog below)


Leggings (spring version)  here | Jacket  here | White Shirt (worn w/o bra)   here

Secret Gardens  and hidden forest lakes = everything a little girl could dream for.

I grew up in Bellevue TN a suburb about 20 min west of Nashville. For the longest time I would deny where I lived. Never truly taking into account how beautiful my tiny town is. Welcome to Hidden Lake. A tiny lookout that belonged to gangsters of the prohibition and now takes form as a local state park.

It’s a beautiful garden worth exploring.  Erik has been in town for the last week and I thought it would be fun to take him to my secret hide out. The trail has everything from abandoned buildings to a dance floor on top of a mountain. Trust me when I say this park is worth your time if you are planning a visit to Nashville and need to impress your date with a killer place to enjoy nature (and maybe share a kiss or two)