Paris New Year


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Is there anything better than love, Paris, and New Years? I think not. That's why Erik and I decided to spend this New Years in the most romantic city in the world. Despite the attacks, Paris seemed booming and full of life. Thanks to our friends at GoPro, we were able to document every second in the video below. Erik is a pro at taking videos in "restricted" areas. I swear I don't even know how he does it, but these clips are insane. One of my favorite moments was finding ourselves just lost in the city. You can wander around for hours with no direction. It's actually an amazing feeling to not not know where you are going.  The Christmas markets were still up which made everything feel so cozy. We chose dining options blindly. Some nights we walked into a super crowded bistro and other times we were the only ones in the room. Our two favorite restaurants were Georges and Costes. I’m all about the atmosphere. Sometimes I even choose atmosphere over the food. At Georges and Costes both the food & atmosphere were on point. I highly recommend. By the end of the trip I didn’t care how much I was eating or drinking because we were walking everywhere. Paris is truly a magical city and Erik and I look forward to visiting back during the summer months.