Norway Christmas

Norway Christmas


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The dream. Norway is the absolute dream. I landed in Oslo and thought I walked into the future...and the future smells like cinnamon rolls (No, seriously. The entire Oslo airport smells like cinnamon rolls). Erik and I finally got to the stage in our relationship where it was awkward I hadn't met his family yet. Over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to meet his sweet family in Norway.  Oslo is something out of a movie (oh wait, thanks Frozen). Being from Nashville, I've never seen so much snow. If you have the opportunity to visit, please do. I was actually mad when I found how inexpensive it was to fly to Norway compared to other parts of Europe. 

Norwegian Air is the most incredible airline. For as much as I travel you would think I would be ok with flying by now. Wrong. I still get uncomfortable flying, but Norwegian is the most comfortable overseas flight I've ever taken. Now to get to the good stuff.... my entire ROUND TRIP flight from the US to Norway was UNDER $600. Yes, that is correct. Under $600. That was $200 less then I paid last year to fly from LA to Nashville on Thanksgiving. 

I tried skiing for the first time... that was an adventure. I just kept reassuring Erik that "I'm good at other things". Honestly, just living in his world for 2 weeks was enough to let me understand his culture and ask more questions. I truly enjoyed all of the new experiences and look forward to heading back to Oslo in the summer.