Christiana Sudano

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tn. Growing up in Music City instilled a deep love for all form of art. My music taste (as well as my style) is diverse. I dress for myself and don't care if I have Michael Jackson and Panic! At the Disco on the same playlist. I started this blog in 2015 while working as a Label Marketing Representative at Universal Music Group. Now, I write as a way of documenting my travels and remembering where I've been. I do this so I can look forward to where I'm going. My fears, desires, and passions have all changed as I grow and experience new things. It's encouraging to know growth happens, even when you feel you are standing still. This is a blog about moving forward, moving on. 


Most photos on this site are courtesy of Erik BergaminiGoPro Hero4, and my sad iPhone XS photo skills. 


On Moving On

 I am an employee of Concord Music. The statements, comments and opinions expressed here represent my own, personal views and are not endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with, Concord Music or its affiliates.